Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day at the Lake-Part 1

Our cat, Patches, wanted to be sure and be included in this adventure so he parked himself on top of my suitcase while we were loading the car. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't invited.
Tug got to go with us....he loves the lake too. Don't you think he's smiling because Patches was left behind and he got to go?
Here's one of our group shots....Granny T., Grammy, Aunti KK, 6 granddaughters and two daughters in law.
Papa Buddy is wondering how in the world he ended up being the only guy this weekend.

One of our traditional photo birth order.

Just a few pictures while I have a little down time this afternoon on Labor Day! We made a ton of pictures of our end of the summer bash at the lake. Enjoy....I'll add more as I have time. It's so hard to choose which picture when there are so many cute girls.

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