Thursday, August 28, 2008

Granddaughters-Last weekend at the lake

Grammy and Butterfly relax in the hammock.
Ladybug on top of the boathouse.
Surely it's not getting close to naptime already?
Nothing better for a nap than Grammy and a hammock.

Princess Flower and Granny T goofing around.

The weather was so horrible they had to play inside a lot this weekend. But I think they enjoyed that too.
Princess Flower and Butterfly

Hurricane Fay stalled out over the lake house this past weekend. Lots of wind and rain blowing sideways. Saturday was an impossible day. Everything got soaked with water. So, it looks like I didn't get too many pictures made....and Dragonfly was REALLY there. I guess she was napping inside when we made all the hammock pictures on Sunday when the rain finally stopped.
We're heading back to the lake house in the morning for Labor Day weekend. Looks like it's going to be a girls weekend. None of the sons are going to be there :( SO SAD!!
# 1 son has conflicting plans, #2 is too far away, # 3 is working, # 4 is going to see his grandparents. So, it's just be Granny T., Grammy, a couple of the daughters in law, 6 granddaughters, one great aunt, one regular aunt and one Papa. Poor guy!! Hope he survives.
I promise we'll do better with the pictures this weekend. We'll have to do the traditional girls in the swing and girls on the wall shot. Those are always fun to compare from year to year.
Those of you who are missing from our family end of the summer bash this year.... We miss you!! It's not the same without you here!

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