Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tugwell- Driveway Part 2

Looking out at the road from the driveway.

Looking up the drive from the road

Buddy and "the Tango". :)

This is where the driveway turns to the left by the old group of dogwoods.

There's our Edge up on the spot where we can park the RV and stay while work is being done on the property. They also put down gravel there so it won't be so muddy.
Another shot of coming up from the dogwoods and curving there to the right to the RV parking spot. Buddy heading down the drive toward the road.
All you need is a garden, a table, a box full of grocery bags, a price sign, a scale and a gallon jar to hold the money. What a novel idea!!
The famous tomato patch.
Looking for the perfect tomato.
Daddy and Dabby Do. She said she holding an "apple".

Today was an exciting day. After going to a meeting at school for a couple of hours this morning we were able to head for our home town to be to see the completed driveway. It was so great to just be able to drive right in all the way to the back, even in our little car. We pulled in to the back, got out and looked around imagining what things are going to look like and what the next step might be.

Son #3 and Dabby Do met us there and walked around with us for a little while before we headed to the local diner for lunch. After that, we headed to the famous tomato patch where we were able to gather some more tomatoes just getting ripe. It looks like this might be the end of this years harvest but it has been fun picking them and even better eating home grown tomatoes. How will we survive the winter without them?
We didn't get to see MoRo or her Mom today. They were going to head out to meet us after school but it was just too hot and we needed to head back to the big city. We missed you two! And we didn't get to see our neighbors and cruise buddies either. One day is too quick of a trip.

I'm going to try to get the pictures to load tonight. Hope it works better than last night.
Yea!! It worked!!