Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marine Family Special Events

Here is our son with his daughter, Princess Flower, after getting his new Staff Sergeant rank.
Semper Fi!!
These are pictures of our daughter in law participating in a recent Triathlon.

She's wearing a green hat.

Well, just in case some of you don't read the other blogs going on in our family, I thought I'd add a note telling a little about what exciting things are going on in some of their lives too lately.
This is about our second son, his wife and four daughters, Princess Flower, Butterfly, Ladybug, and Dragonfly. Our son is a United States Marine and stationed up north of us....about 700 long miles from here. So, we don't get to see as many of their exciting events as we'd like to.

I've tried to steal a couple of their pictures. If you'd like to see more, please check them out at:

First, daughter in law (do you have a blog name??) CBC, participated in a Triathlon recently and came in 197 out of 310. Not bad at all!! She swam 300 meters, rode 11.5 miles on a bike and ran 3.1 miles. Great job, CBC!!

Next, our son on Friday was promoted to Staff Sergeant!! That's wonderful, son. He's finished his college degree and has also been accepted into officer's candidate school which begins in October of this year. In December, he will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. We'll be there for sure to see that!

And I'm not forgetting our oldest son who has also completed his Master's Degree and is presently working on becoming a Certified Public Accountant. He's passed three of the four tests necessary to become a CPA and I know it won't be long before he has this last one finished also.

Working full time, going to school, getting married, becoming a step-father! Their life is busy and full all the time!

For those of you that are wondering about our 4th son, Trainman, he's doing wonderful. We actually get a call from him ever now and then. He has done well in his training so far. He loves where he is and the friends he's made. The vocational skills training he chose is in lawn care. He's making good progress, is taking driver's ed. and will most likely be home by Christmas.

I've bragged enough....and I've probably forgotten a lot. Anyway, this is really just a blog about my immediate family anyway and we're sort of empty nesters now. You'll have to check out their blogs to keep up with all their happenings.

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