Saturday, August 2, 2008

Master's Degree Graduation

Here are the proud parents of the graduate!!
Waiting for things to start took a long time. Making pictures was a good time filler.
Dabby Do was a little quiet at first.
Daddy and MoRo coming back from the bathroom....AGAIN!!

Two alumni together!!
Yep, it's official!!
Started Pre-K yesterday and wearing a graduation cap today. The time will seem to go about that fast!
A family moment!! Now, let's get out of the sun!!

More camera fun...they love that timer feature!

Dabby Do is sure she play two of these games at once! Cracker Barrel for the after graduation dinner was nice. Afterwards we could shop a little and sit outside in the rocking chairs and visit.

Daddy and MoRo working together.

Today was a pretty special day for one of our three daughters in law. She finished her Master's Degree and we had a chance to go watch her graduation ceremony. Another little bonus is that it's the same college that my husband received his bachelor's degree and his was held in the same gym. Aah, memories!! It's kind of funny that she and I got our bachelor's degrees from the same college too. So, both husband and I share a little bond with her in regards to our Alma Maters.

We're really proud of JHC for getting a 4.0 while teaching, being a wife and mother.
Of course, we had fun playing with MoRo and Dabby Do while waiting for the graduation to begin. Cruise pals and neighbors to be were pretty good company too. It was a good way to spend Sat. afternoon.
I've got a few pictures to share!! Enjoy!

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Life throws you surprises! said...

I guess we know who is your favorite Daughter now! :)