Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Granddaughter Fun

Just a box of clown clothes from a circus unit I used teaching kindergarten years ago was worth hours of fun and lots of laughs. Here's Ladybug.
Butterfly loved the glasses.

Even Dragonfly let her sister put on the wig for a second.
Princess Flower and Butterfly have great imaginations.

We're having such a good visit with the girls...even with all the rain when Hurricane Fay stalled out over us at the lake last weekend. These pictures were taken at our house on Friday before heading to the lake that afternoon along with their other Grammy. You'd think that 2 Grandmas could handle 4 little girls. When we made a stop for hamburgers on the way to the lake we discovered that we'd loaded them into the car and only Ladybug remembered her shoes. Princess Flower put on Grammy's flip flops and we carried the other two. We'll be sure to double check the packing list next time!!

Enjoy some of the pictures.

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