Saturday, August 9, 2008

Making Pickles...and other fun stuff.

Today we went to our State Farmers Market over on the far side of our big city. It's a place that I use to go as a child...hasn't changed too much except now most of those selling things speak Spanish. And there were a few things for sale I have no clue what they're called. But being there brought back some fond memories for me.

We bought a bushel of shelled crowder peas, a bushel of pickling size cucumbers, some hot pepper, okra, a dozen of mixed lemons and limes, and of course, a watermelon.

Now, back in the "old days" we would have shelled our own peas....but seeing them there already bagged up and ready to go was more than I could resist. I can relive my past without having to shell them myself!!

So, guess how we spent the evening?? You're right, fixin' them. You can't let all this good stuff go to waste. Do you have any idea how many pickles you can make from a whole bushel of cucumbers....oh, about 10 gallons. We're making the 13 day kind. Today of course, was day one....twelve to go. I'm afraid to count ahead and see what I'm doing on that 13th day when they have to be finished.

We also "put up" the crowder peas. They have to be washed, blanched for 90 seconds (exactly) and then put in ice for for 90 seconds and then put into freezer bags. We got seven quart size bags of those. We saved out enough peas for a "mess" tomorrow. Now, if you don't understand the term "mess", it doesn't mean we're going to mess them up or something. A mess means just enough left for a good meal.
I guess we're practicing for the time we have our own garden at the new house.

I'll post the 13 day pickle recipe later...I'm ready for bed and it's almost midnight.


Anonymous said...

Life throws you surprises! said...

That is a ridiculous amount of pickles....:) It would take us a century to finish them.

Luv2bhsmama said...

Hey! I just found out you had a blog and thought I would pop over to say hello! Now you have made me hungry though, and I want some crowder peas!!! I only get those when I go to my granny's. I have never seen them anywhere but Georgia.