Friday, September 12, 2008

One Little Granddaughter

First she practiced driving our the grocery cart car. What's next? Get ready Dad. She's going to be ready for her own car soon.
Yes, some stranger offered to make our picture, I didn't tell him our complete life story.
I think she's going to love books as much as her Granny T.We got several books and a couple of Dora DVD's on our visit to the library.
In fact, a lady was walking into the library and was smiling at Abbey and how cute she was sitting there on the bench outside and she stepped off the sidewalk and fell down. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt.....but it scared me to death.

Dabby Do working on her computer skills....actually, she was watching a Kid's DVD...Elmo Uses the Potty. She's really proud of Elmo but doesn't seem to think it's something she might like to do yet. Rearranging the chairs in our classroom. I think maybe it's a train!!
The last stop of the day was dinner at Chik-fil-a. Dabby Do wasn't quite tall enough to climb up to the top. It didn't stop Tadpole, our friend's grandson, who joined us. He's about 5 months older.Tadpole was quite a climber and loved the slide.
Ready for another story before bed.

Something very unusual is happening this weekend. We have only one little granddaughter with us. It's Dabby Do and I don't think we've ever had the pleasure of keeping just her.

Way back in early August ...or was it late July?? ..her Mommy called and asked if we could keep her for them on Friday, Sept. 12th because their babysitter was planning to out of town. Well, it just took a second to say YES!!
Papa Buddy and I met them at a Cracker Barrel for dinner late yesterday after Buddy's Pre-Op appointment at the hospital. The "keeping her on Friday" has stretched into, "we don't think we'll be able to return her until Sunday afternoon". What a deal. Today we visited the school where I teach and she played while I caught up on some planning. Next we visited the local library where we picked out some books and a couple of videos. After that we went to the grocery store to stock up on some of her favorite things....I think the last crew visiting emptied out our stock of snacks. And tonight we met with friends and their two year old grandson, Tadpole.
A quick shower and we've read a couple of the books and she's asleep.
Oh, I've got to share this story. After we got home last night, Papa and I were sitting in the den talking while Dabby Do played behind the sofa with some toys. Suddenly she began screaming at the top of her lungs...we jumped up to rescue her from something horrible to find a single dark dress sock belonging to Papa on the floor....but someone (Princess Flower, I know it must have been you!) had made white paper eyes and taped them onto the partially rolled up sock...along with a paper mouth. Dabby Do was terrified and keep sobbing and saying, "it scares me, it scares me". Nothing could convince her that it was a sock so I had to let her see me pull off his "eyes" and throw them in the trash and then throw the sock into the washer. Finally she calmed down and let me hold her until she fell asleep.
My nerves were shot!

Check back with us to see what happens on Saturday.

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