Monday, September 29, 2008

Recovery-Day 10

Hi everyone,
Today the physical therapist took the staples out of Buddy's hip. It looks good....still a little like our granddaughter, Princess Flower, said when she saw the picture of his incision. "It looks like Papa Buddy was bit by a shark." There are steri-strips across the incision just to give it a little support.

He also was given the go ahead to use a cane inside the house. That's going well and he seems steady when using it. But the incision and hip is still sore. Tonight we've got the ice pack back on.

We also went to the grocery store together this afternoon. He enjoyed driving the electric cart around the store. I needed to be sure that there are easy to fix food available since my time off to stay home with him is almost over. I go back to work on Wednesday. My team teacher was great to work for me so I could be off these days. Now I'm going to make up the time for her and she's going to go visit her son and his family. Working part time together has been wonderful.

Also, I only have to give him Lovenox shots in the stomach two more times for blood clots. We both dread them although it's easy enough to give the shots. I had to do that for my Mom also.

So, things are looking good. Sorry, no pictures this time.

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