Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day at the Lake-The Granddaughters

This is Princess Flower....can't believe she'll soon be 8. She's a veteran lake visitor since this is her 8th season coming to the lake house. Here she is holding her baby sister. She takes great care of her and is a big help to her Mother....and Dragonfly adores her too.
Princess Flower having lunch.
Butterfly turned four in April. She's the more reserved member of the group but really is coming around and joining in this year.
The biggest surprise with Butterfly is how much she loved the boat this time. Last year she held tight to your arm and shirt and you could tell boating was not her thing. The year before that you couldn't even begin to get a life jacket on her. Look what a couple of years can accomplish. You can tell by her smile that she's having the time of her life out on the boat.

Here's MoRo...the one who turned 4 in July. She's the one who is always in the middle of anything going on. And the reason I had to change my clothes a couple of times....never turn your back when she has the hose pipe!!

She's trying to decide what mischief to get into next....don't let that sweet innocent expression fool you!!
Here's Ladybug....the third party in the "triple threat". One minute she's all smiles.....and
the next minute you'd better watch out. Fortunately, she's mostly full of smiles!
I can't imagine why they all call her "Mini T."
The wading pool was a quick way to cool off.
Breakfast brought out the smiles.

Oops....there's that face again!

Here's the 5th granddaughter....Dabby Do. She just turned 2 in August. She's got definite opinions about just about everything.... and you'd better be careful if you cross her but this year she's moved from being the baby to one of the big girls. She slept in the dorm with the rest of the gang instead of a pack n play in the closet. ( Now don't think we've been abusing the girls but a pack n play neatly fits into a walk in closet and when the "triple threat" were all babies at the same time....trust me, a nice cool, quiet, DARK closet was a great way to get babies to sleep.)

Dabby Do loved her baby cousin, Dragonfly.
Dragonfly will be one on Sept. 13th. She took everything in stride....as long as Mommy was in sight. She was a great closet sleeper like her sisters and cousins before her....just think, next year she'll be sleeping upstairs in the dorm in the pile of worn out sisters and cousins.
I want you to imagine what the sound of 5 pairs of feet sound like at 7am when they wake each other up and start running around in the doom room....over their grandparent's bedroom downstairs.....I'm sure that elephants couldn't have made much more noise up there. But what precious sounds they were....laughs and giggles and 5 little bodies jumping into our bed yelling "get up, get up!" Good memories to hold us through the long months when they're far away.

Don't mess with me!!! And next year I won't be the baby anymore! That's right, there's another grandbaby on the way. Wonder what the 2009 addition will be??

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Anonymous said...

Wow I just spent the last 15 minutes going through all your blog. You are some lucky lady. Beautiful children. Going to have to learn how to do this. Love Jan