Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Together Again

A Mom, two sons and 4 granddaughters.

I'm not sure who was the happiest.... the uncle or the nieces.

Princess Flower and her #1 uncle both share a favorite Mexican restaurant. We try to get there each visit.

The girls get serious with their coloring sheets waiting for the food to arrive.
Princess Flower Ladybug working hard on coloring.

Visiting together....It was just 3 years ago when the Marines changed plans and stranded CBC in our town for 11 month while her husband, Son #2, had to follow orders and stay in CA longer than was planned. Brother and sister in law formed quite a bond...both missing the husband and brother stationed across the country. He also had a chance to step in and be there for his nieces who missed their Daddy. Ladybug spent most of her first year away from her father. We were all attending the same Church and I think some thought they were married....he was alway helping get them out of the car and to their Sunday School classes. Since they share the same last name it was easy for the confusion to continue.....until one weekend the real husband and father was able to come home for the weekend. Imagine the surprise when she introduced her husband around. But, but, but......I thought that one was your husband.

Son #1 got some great practice in being a Daddy and taking care of little ones. Changing diapers, feeding babies and drying tears are parenting skills that will be coming in handy in a few months when he and his wife welcome a new baby to their family.

Sisters having a little dessert after our dinner together.
Dragonfly with her Uncle.

Brothers....aways trying to see who's the strongest. #1 use to use "the look" to keep his place as the oldest. Right now #2 is in pretty good shape....the Marines see to that these days.
It's so good having them together. Ok, more picture!!

On Wednesday before the wedding, Son #2, flew in to join his family who had been spending the past two weeks with us and her parents. Son #1 picked him up at the airport and we had a quick reunion. Brothers, who go months without seeing each other, pick up as though they haven't been apart. Unfortunately, this trip we couldn't seem to get all the brothers and sisters in law together at the same time. We've learned to make the most of the time we can be together.

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