Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting for the Wedding

I promise that I didn't buy them the candy....honest!
Hey, where's my rock candy??

Dragonfly finally gave out and took a much needed nap.
Yum, strawberry.

Princess Flower and Butterfly sharing a bed that night. Note the PJ's Princess Flower is wearing. She was SO thrilled to get them as a present from the bride. They are American Girl PJ's and she got matching ones for the American Girl doll she's getting for her 8th birthday.

On Friday after the bridesmaid luncheon, we had some time to walk around the little town where the wedding was taking place. Our hotel was right off the square which made it easy to look around. There were eating places, antique stores and even an old general store to check out. The girls found their favorite...the candy store.

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