Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day- The big kids had fun too.

My favorite picture of the night....
JHC and Buddy's nephew's wife...serious about cards??
She looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.
More ice cream please.
Let's play poker...who ever heard of Phase 10?
Trainman and, I've got to come up with some blog names for everybody.
Adult'd better think up something.
Aunt KK gets to come over often since her college is about 30 minutes from the lake.

The adults at our family gatherings eventually get in some fun time too. This was late one evening when the kids were finally in bed...or at least watching a movie upstairs in the "dorm" as we call the big bedroom upstairs. It's got 5 twin beds, a set of bunks and a double futon....and a tv with a DVD player. Great way to calm the troops down after a full day on the lake.

The daughters in law had made chicken enchiladas and Grammy made brownies and we'd whipped out a churn of homemade vanilla ice cream. The brownies were sort of gooie so just picture those hot, gooie brownies with homemade icecream scooped over them. Out of this world!

We were playing cards....Phase 10 I think. Trainman had returned from visiting his grandparents and Buddy's nephew and his wife had joined us from their house around the next cove. We listened to music, laughed a lot, acted a little silly, and made some more memories.
And then Trainman came down carrying MoRo who was having a croup/asthma attack and the party broke up quickly. We put her in the steam shower and eventually headed to the all night Walgreens in town... way too far it seemed when you need an inhalor refilled in a hurry. But it did the trick and she quickly felt better.

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Life throws you surprises! said...

Great pictures of us....I should have burned your camera...:)