Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My husband's hip replacement surgery is almost here...we leave for the hospital at 5 dark thirty AM Friday. Surgery is supposed to start at 7:30am. Just one more day at home to finish up the last of the preparations. Do we have the walker...downstairs bedroom ready with clean sheets...favorite foods and snacks....are we sure we have the right chair for him to sit in? Lots of instructions and regulations to follow. I guess I'm a little nervous but he's going to do great. Lots of friends and family are lifting us up in prayer. Thanks, it means a lot to us!

When Buddy was a little boy not quite 6 years old, he began to limp and have pain above his right knee. A trip to the doctor landed him in the hospital for more testing and a diagnosis eventually of Legg, Calve, Pertheses Disease. He missed all of first grade and spent second grade in a wheelchair. He was not allowed to put weight on his right leg and wore a strap around his shoulder attached to a buckle on his right shoe to keep weight from being put on the hip. When his left leg also developed the problem, which was unusual, he spent a year in a wheelchair. Eventually the right ball of the femor reginerated and he was back on crutches with the left leg suspended by shoulder strap to his left shoe. Unfortunately, the ball of his left femor healed back in a more mushroom shape. More months were spent wearing a brace similar to a polio brace fitting into the pelvis where the leg hung with no weight on it. From age 6 till around 11, Buddy was either on crutches, in a wheelchair, back on crutches or wearing this brace. He climbed trees, played with his friends and pretty much did everything possible to keep up with them. One good thing that came out of him being inside more than most boys was learning to cook. His Mother spent lots of time with him teaching him to favorite is a sour cream poundcake. He is the official baker of our family.
Over the years though, this leg has given him a lot of pain. Of course, most of you would never know it....Buddy hardly ever lets on that his leg hurts. But lately it's come to the point that he knew that it was time to get it fixed. Some nights it even keeps him from sleeping.

So, please keep up the prayers and watch for some pictures....of Buddy walking soon after surgery....and without pain. Maybe a little surgery pain but for once without that bone on bone pain he's been living with for so long.

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