Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Labor Day Lake Pictures-

Driving the boat is a very popular adventure for the girls. Princess Flower has had a few years practice so she did a great job.
Relaxing in the sun....I hope the cousins store up some great memories of these together times.

Here's our youngest one...little Dragonfly. She'll be one year old on Saturday. She wanted to drive the boat too. Not bad for a little squirt!

Dabby Do was a little unsure at first...but she'll do most anything for her Papa. Look at that death grip on the wheel.

What?? You want me to drive?? Well, OK!!

They're overboard. Some of the crew got too hot and jumped ship!!
MoRo takes a turn at driving. Wild woman at the wheel!!

The girls are ready for a ride...and so is Tug. He jumped in before we could stop him.

The water level was back up to normal after being so low at the 4th of July.
Getting the boat off the lift and back on wasn't a problem this time.
The weather was so much better this weekend. All the girls are loving being out on the water this year.
Papa Buddy and Butterfly learning to drive. She took it very seriously!
The girls this year were finally able to be out in the paddle boat---without us. How they cherished their newfound independence. Of course, we were right there on the dock watching and they were restricted to stay in front of the dock...but boy did they enjoy it.
Princess Flower and MoRo are our true water babies.
Dabby Do is just checking things out. The outside porch is a good place to be and not miss any of the action.

Hey, I decided that there were way too many cute Labor Day pictures to pass up posting some more.

As a side note, today was our "hip replacement class" for Buddy. Surgery is scheduled for Friday the 19th. Tomorrow will be a fun day of the doctor and hospital. Should be a long afternoon. We're working on getting things together here at the house so recovery will be a time to take it easy and relax. Hopefully, he will only be in overnight. Please add us to your prayer list for peace and healing. For Buddy he has had problems with his hip since he was six years old and developed Legg, Calve, Pertheses disease. He's been in pain with it for a long time although it has gotten progressively worse in the past few years...not that he'd let you know. I'm looking forward to him being pain free for the first time in a long time. Our God certainly has blessed us with his successful heart valve repair three years ago and now being able to have this opportunity to have his hip fixed. Please say a prayer for his Dr. Kress and the hospital staff too.

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