Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recovery News-One Week

Well, we've passed the one week mark post surgery. Buddy continues to improve daily although he sometimes doesn't feel like it's fast enough. We're amazed at how the body heals. Some parts of recovery are the same as when he had his mitral valve heart surgery just over 3 years ago. He still takes at least 2 naps each day, sometimes three. When he naps, he's in a deep sleep and typically feels much better when he wakes up. When he's hungry, he's really hungry and needs to eat quickly, although it doesn't take as much to fill him up. He is also drinking a lot of water. He takes about 3 pain pills a day. He's allowed to take up to 8 of them. Physical therapy is coming 3 times a week. Today, he's going to walk outside with the therapist. Of course, that isn't anything new for Buddy. We've been walking to the mailbox since the day after we got home. He's also doing better getting in and out of the car. Getting to go for a ride has boosted both of our spirits....even if it's just going to try and find a gas station that has gas.
Tomorrow our goal is to make it to Church. We sure have a lot to be thankful for.

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Life throws you surprises! said...

I think I would mention how far it is to your mailbox. Mine is attached to the house so that won't be a far walk. Glad he is recovering well.