Friday, September 5, 2008

Granny Nanny for the Wedding Weekend

Here are some of the bride and groom's nieces practicing for their big moment as flower girls.
You may recognize Princess Flower and Butterfly.

The girls are working on their dance steps.
Dragonfly heading down the practice aisle.
None of the girls wanted to play the part of the groom but they loved playing the bride. What do you think of the veil?? Dragonfly shared her blanket for the occasion.

I spent most of the weekend as a nanny helping out where I could keeping up with the girls and allowing their Mom to enjoy her sister's wedding and all the fun activities. These pictures came while I watched our four girls and the groom's two nieces who were 8 and 5 during the bridesmaid luncheon. The girls had a wonderful time together and tried to figure out what their relationship to each other would be after their aunt and uncle married.

If you're wondering where Ladybug is, she actually slept through the entire afternoon even with all the laughter.

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