Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes to Buddy!!

Born in 1950----you can do the math.

Princess Flower, Dragonfly, Butterfly and Ladybug called this morning and sang happy birthday to their Papa Buddy. He loved it. Then I told them I was going to give him his birthday whipping....they listened and counted along with me laughing the whole time. Luckily they couldn't see that I was only clapping my hands together.

This afternoon he also got a call from MoRo and Dabby Do who wanted to sing happy birthday to their Papa Buddy (or as MoRo says, "Potty Buddy"). We hope to visit with them on Saturday if we have enough gas and Buddy feels like riding up for the day. He'll get his birthday whipping from them personally. But not on the left side!!

He's gotten cards and phone calls from friends and family too. It's been a good day and he even was able to walk down the stairs to the office. Hope I can get him back up the stairs.

Next is our anniversary...coming up in just over a month. Can you remember how many years??