Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day at the Lake- Family Visits

My Mom's baby sister. I believe Mom was about 15 when she was born. She listened when a girlfriend of hers asked if she could name the baby....and my Grandma said yes. Mom always regreted not stepping up and asking to name her herself...she said she never even thought about naming one of the babies. When my parents were married, this little sister was just 3. My Dad called her, "his little sweetheart". She was 23 when I was born. Princess Flower and the "bunny ears". Keeping order is never easy.....fighting over the fishing pole.
Whatever caused that face on Ladybug??
The baby, Dragonfly, with her great, great Aunt.
Cousins....JEL was great with the girls...somehow, he got stuck with grilling and girl sitting. It was accidental of course!! No one got burned and no one fell off the dock and he managed to keep the baby swing moving and the burgers flipped.'re to come to all future family events. Thanks for all the help.

This Labor Day we had a special treat of family from "back home" visiting us. My Mom's baby sister, Aunt B. and her oldest son, JEL, came to see us. For the girls, that meant a Great, Great Aunt half of them had never met. For me, it was like being with my Mom again. I haven't seen my aunt since Mom's funeral over a year ago. I didn't realize how much it would make me miss Mom being with her sister. Her skin felt like Mom, some of their features were alike, their voices, mannerisms. It was wonderful to see my Aunt and cousin again. For a little while, I could close my eyes and it was like having my Mom back.

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