Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Retirement Town

Buddy and I spent last week in the little town which will become our hometown before too much longer. We camped there on the banks of Cedar Creek only a couple of miles from our property.
It's such a peaceful valley, beautiful with crops looking mostly green this summer with more rain than the last few years. The soybeans were a lush green, cotton plants were blooming, and a funny looking corn like plant....Milo? Sorghum? Not sure what it is but there were fields of it looking more parched than the rest.

Our most exciting find was a field of tomatoes. We passed by a sign for "Tomatoes for Sale" and couldn't resist stopping for some homegrown ones. Now being from the big city we felt a little strange because there was no one there actually selling the vegetables. I got out and went over to the table and couldn't believe what I found. There was a box full of grocery bags, a sign saying that the vegetables were a dollar a pound, a scale and the biggest surprise of all, a gallon jar with money in it. Imagine!!! The honor system!! Someone trusted us to pick, weigh and put the money in the jar!! And that's just what we did. For a couple of folks that love home grown tomatoes and haven't had any this year, it was like being in a candy store. We walked the rows picking out some juicy red ones and others just turning red. We also picked some yellow squash. All together our sack weighed in at 12lbs. So, we opened up that jar and put in our money. We made a second trip on Saturday before heading home. It was wonderful!!

A friend sent me a picture he took while we were raiding the tomato patch.

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