Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Play Ball

That's us up there in the stands waiting for MoRo to get to say "play ball". There was a rain delay and the stands weren't crowded right then. Our local FCRV camping group was with us.

Dabby Do is a little too hot to smile tonight!!

The kids are enjoying a snack...the second box of popcorn after the first fell and scattered.Mo Ro and Mom waiting for the big moment!
Finally, she's out on the field with the big girls. She'll be a cheerleader before we know it!!
What do you want to do?? "PLAY BALL"!
MoRo gets to pose with Cat Woman.

Saturday night of our camping week we went to watch the local Farm Team play ball.

MoRo was picked to be the one to say, "play ball" and start the game. Her Daddy was having to work and hated not to get to see her. So, he called Mommy's phone but the National Anthem was being sung so she didn't answer. Next, he called my phone. I just opened the phone so he could hear the anthem....but they were going to have MoRo next so I quickly told him I couldn't talk and hung up....all he wanted was for me to hold open the phone so he could hear her. He tried Buddy next but it was too late....I felt horrible when I realized I should have just left open the phone. But her Mommy got it on video and he got to watch that. Sorry son!!

We had fun and the home team won!!

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