Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July- Lake house part 2

Grasshopper just never could quite belive that our pillow fish were not real. She kept showing us her finger where the fish had taken a nip. I'm sure she was hoping we'd give her a coveted "bambage" for her finger. The fish spent most of the holiday put away in the closet.

Niece and Uncle enjoying cartoons together.
All the girls love "Ethnic Santa" who sits on the hearth. We have quite a few pictures of the grandgirls sitting with him. He never seems to mind. Sometimes as we pass through the den we'll come on one of the girls taking a few quiet minutes sitting on the hearth and visiting with him.

Tug enjoying the boat. He's only seen snow a couple of times. He's a summer water sport dog.
The idea was to take a late quiet boat ride and the girls would fall asleep. That never happened!!

July Fly posing on the boat.

This really surprised us all. Grasshopper LOVED the jet ski. She and Papa Buddy made quite a few circles around the cove. She kept her hands up on the handles just like she was driving.

July Fly had a great time riding with her Mom.
And of course, Grasshopper had to get back on for another ride.

Today is Sunday and we're finishing up the not so fun part of going to the lake. We got quite a bit done last night so today isn't so bad. When everyone pitches in to clean up it makes the work go much faster. Thanks J.H.C. for all the hard work you did! The jet ski is loaded back on the trailer and will be heading to the shop for a tune-up. We're hoping to get the boat back on the lift but we're not having a good feeling about that. It was hard to get it off with the water down so low. This drought has finally hit our lake too. We'll probably have to leave it tied to the dock and come back and try again in a few days. What a great excuse to come back soon!!
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. There has been a little change of plans. We've decided not to go back tonight. We're going to take Son #4, "Trainman" back to his school and come back to spend the night here at the lake. Hopefully the traffic heading home will be much better in the morning....ahh, one more night at the lake. What can be better than that!

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