Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July- Lake House

July Fly is helping her Daddy drive the boat.
July Fly with her Nana (and our Alaska cruise pal).

Grasshopper isn't too happy about wearing a life jacket.
Tubing really wears them out!

Remember doing sparklers when you were a kid? The grandkids love them too.

Fourth of July at the lake house this year has been kind of a quiet affair but lots of fun, food, friends and family...just not a big crowd this year. Beautiful weather and terrific fireworks.

We've had a good time and enjoyed the water....swimming, floating, tubing, jet skiing, and canoeing. Picture 4 float chairs and a tube tied to the dock with us spending the afternoon enjoying floating around in our cove holding on to each other. Guess what! It's a wonderful way for a toddler to get a great nap rocking in the waves.
Princess Flower, Butterfly, Ladybug and Dragonfly....Your Granny T. and Papa really miss you being here with us this year. It just hasn't been the same with out you. See you in August.

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