Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Time Fun

Here is Tadpole using a stick to try to poke our Siberian Husky, Tug, who is laying on the porch just out of reach.
He's ready to throw a cup of water on me!
He had a great weekend.
I loved the fact that you can see our flag in this picture with Tadpole. Serve well, Jacob. We're all praying for your safety and counting the days till you come home. This little fellow especially.
Semper Fi!

I know....I'm way behind on blogging. But it's summertime and I've been having some fun. Thought I'd try to catch up a little.

Here are a few pictures of Tadpole. This was a weekend in May?? I think it was the weekend after Memorial Day so it was the last weekend in May.

His Daddy left for Afghanistan about 6 days earlier. He's living with his grandparents who are dear friends of ours. Please remember Tadpole and his family in the next few months as his Daddy serves our country.
(And no, we had not been beating him....he fell off the bed and ran into something. Being so fair skinned makes the marks look worse than they really are. Honest!!)

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