Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

Our family was able to get together for the Fourth of July at our lake place. It's been a long time since all of our "boys" have been there at the same time. But there were some missing members too. Lt. J's wife and four daughters had to stay in VA to begin the moving process as they get ready to relocate to their new duty station in NC. And the only two grandsons were visiting their Dad and his family for the holiday and couldn't make it either. Wish you were here!
Here are the grandkids that celebrated with us......sure was a small number this time.
L-R are Dabby Do, GO and MoRo.
Dan, Son #3....
KiKi (wife of #1)
Jen, Wife of #3 and GO
Son #2, Lt. J.
Son #1, Mayo (his name for himself as a toddler)
Trainman, Son #4
Granny T. and GO
Two cooks getting breakfast ready.
GO had so many cute patriotic outfits to wear to celebrate the holiday.

Trainman, GO and Mayo enjoying the the water.

GO was not impressed with the life jacket she had to wear on the boat. The main problem is that she couldn't get her thumb into her mouth.....and she LOVES to suck her thumb. Several of her cousins also love their did an Uncle....and maybe even a Granny T. So, to save our sanity and hers....we did a little alteration and pulled her arms in. Peace!!
GO took to the lake like she was born to it. She enjoyed being in the water with her Daddy. She is our youngest granddaughter born in January of this year to our oldest son and his wife.

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