Thursday, May 14, 2009

Granddaughter GO and Granny T.

Ok, she looks scared to death for her Granny T. to be holding her. But she warms up in a little while!

See what I mean! What a sweet smile!

I'll answer that question. Yes, I'm precious!!

Mommy with GO who looks like she's already doing Patty Cakes!

Daddy with GO.

See you later!!

This evening I got to visit with my oldest son and his family. I was introduced to two lizards and got to hold one named Joshua. I believe the other one named Moses likes to bite. Joshua is a most unusual looking thing...his tail looks exactly like his head which according to B-10 offers him some sort of protection should something try to grab him by the head...hopefully they will grab his tail by mistake and it will fall off and he'll escape.

I realized when I was looking at all of the pictures we made that the boys were showering and cleaning their room during the photo shoot and basically their baby sister was the main attraction. The baby always gets all the attention. I'll have to come back and get some pictures of B-10 with his lizard and CW too. Good excuse for another visit.


Rachel said...

aww, I'm so happy you finally got to see her again Mama T!! Cute pictures! She is so cute!

Truely Blessed said...

That is a pretty little girl.