Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Grandchildren!

Here is a picture of the nine grandkids together. I can just imagine what the first attempt at a professional picture with all of them will be like.

The oldest girls up in our tree. You can just catch a bit of Grammy holding Dragonfly in place.

Dabby Do is wondering what she can get into next!

Here are a couple of pictures of the sleeping arrangements....the girls had to sleep in a big walk- in closet while they were visiting because we are in the middle of renovating Trainman's room and all of his things have been moved into their bedroom. His closet was all empty and the perfect place to put a king size blowup mattress. They loved it!! Remember they are all experienced closet sleepers....that's where we've always put their pack & plays at the lake house. It's quiet, dark and they sleep late when they're there.

MoRo and Dabby do in the sleeping closet.

Here is the newest...G.O. She's adorable of course!! Can't wait to see her awake!

This is Dabby Do. I can't believe how she has grown. She shy around strangers but around us she talks all the time!

Here is Butterfly taking a break with her Grammy. They have a special bond.

We moved our party outside to enjoy the taste of early spring. I think the groundhog was right!

Sweet cargo....MoRo, Dragonfly and Ladybug.

Ladybug riding on the rocking horse that belonged to her Dad and his brothers.

Here is Princess Flower up in her favorite climbing tree. A few years ago she tried to haul our big cat, Patches, up into the tree by tying a rope around his neck and pulling him up. Getting 18 pounds of fighting tomcat up into a tree was more than she bargained for....especially when her knot slipped and he began to choke. She ran inside for help and after calming her down, Papa Buddy, Trainman and her Mom were able to save Patches....but I think he lost a life in the deal.

Here is precious Butterfly. She's going to start Pre-K at their base school next Tuesday. I think she's going to love riding the bus and making some new friends.

B-10 opening a late birthday present, a scooter. I think he liked it!

CW on his 7th birthday last Saturday. He's proud to show off his missing teeth!

Butterfly and MoRo the four year olds.

I've been looking through my pictures from this past weekend. We had a wonderful time being with all the big kids and little ones too. It was like Christmas to me!! And to top it off, the weather was beautiful...a little taste of Spring in the February! So, on Sunday, we carried everything outside and enjoyed the day. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Marine son...Wish you were here!

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