Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow down South

The dogwoods at our mailbox look like they're covered in ice. The daffodils and plums are already blooming around here and the Bradford pears were budding out. Looks like they are a little too early this year.

A birdfeeder brought over from Grandma Margaret's house.

Here is our Siberian Husky, Tug. I think this is about the third time he's seen snow in his nine years....Summer sports are his favorite anyway...swimming and riding in a boat or jetski rank high on his list of things to do.

It's hard to believe it but there's a big mountain straight though those trees. In the winter it's usually easy to see it through there.

Not even the birds have ventured out today.....

Can you see how the snow was actually in clumps?

This was during one of the really heavy snow periods from our deck.

Through the sunporch window.

Our wood supply....wish most of it was nice and dry today.

The truck shows up how quickly it started covering things.

A bush outside our backdoor.

We're seeing something down south today that I haven't seen in a long time. We went into church this morning with a cold rain and came out to beautiful, huge, I don't think you'd call them flakes...they were clumps of stunningly white snow. I've made a few pictures to show you what a March 1st snow looks like in the south. School tomorrow?? I don't know. It's very slushy now on the roads and expected to drop into the 20's tonight. I'm thinking we may be walking on ice in the morning.
It's been snowing steadily with very big flakes for about 4 hours. We're even hearing some thunder every now and then. Tug doesn't like that much. Patches is asleep in a box. He wasn't interested in venturing out either.


Life throws you surprises! said...

satan looks he is in his true environment...:)

Wish You Were Here said...

You break his heart when you call him Satan....besides, I'm leaving him to you in our will.