Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Girls are Here!!

Breakfast at Granny T's house.

Ladybug has an opinion about everything!!

MoRo enjoying chocolate covered strawberries.

Dabby Do's strawberries are GONE!!

Dragonfly got a little oatmeal in her hair!

Getting her hair washed at the sink. A clean Dragonfly!

Dabby Do and Lady Bug on the way to get MoRo. She had to go to Pre-K for class pictures Friday morning.
On Thursday night the "A" team were the only two spending the night.

They enjoyed a book before heading upstairs to bed. They talked and giggled FOREVER before finally going to sleep.

It's been a Grandmother's dream come true.

The girls are all here....down to see the newest addition to the family.
Enjoy the pictures...we've had so much fun together.