Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall at the Lake-part 2

We were able to easily keep up with the kids by keeping them behind bars. Tadpole, Mino Twin 2 and Dabby Do enjoying the afternoon!!

Isn't it wonderful when they're young enough that anything you do is amazing to them!!

Papa Buddy is still having trouble tying his left shoe, so Dabby Do worked hard to tie it for him.

Mino Twin 2 loved the sandtable too.

Tadpole was very serious about the sand play.

We use to go to the lake with our friends and have a wonderful time together playing cards and sitting around talking, eating good food and just being together. We haven't been to the lake together for a while and this time we each had one grandchild with us. I don't know who had more fun.....the kids or us enjoying our grandkids. A thank you to our grown children who allowed us to make these memories with our precious grandchildren. We didn't play one game of cards and we got to bed early (after all, little ones don't sleep too late) but we did laugh a lot!

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