Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall at the Lake House

Playing on the porch. The sand table is always fun.

Poppy with Tadpole waiting for something to eat.

Mino Twin 2

The crew is ready for bed and all piled in together. Don't worry, we weren't crazy to leave them there. Dabby Do and Tadpole enjoyed the long time lake tradition of sleeping in a pack n play in the closet.

Mino Twin 2 had a mattress bed on the floor w/ her grandparents.

This is the time of year that our lake place needs to be closed up for the winter. Not so much the house itself but the outside has to be made ready for freezing weather. There's the outside kitchen and bathroom where all the water lines have to be cut off, drained and antifreeze added where needed. Back at Labor Day we put up all the toys, floats and chairs. This weekend we have friends who came with us to help Buddy get everything done. Although he's recovering well from his surgery, he doesn't need to be doing the bending and stooping necessary to reach all the fittings. So, we've combined a little work trip with a fun time together with friends.

And you will probably think we're crazy, but we each brought one of our grandkids.

Enjoy the pictures of our weekend and grandkids Dabby Do, Tadpole and Mino Twin 2


Rachel said...

Thanks Granny T for the pics of my girl....I'm so glad she's having a blast!(like I had any doubts about that!) Thank you for taking good care of her!
Now bring her back home!! Her mama misses her! :-)

Wish You Were Here said...

Hey Rachel,
We had so much fun with the kids this weekend. We've got to do it again when the weather is warm. I can't believe I was playing with your daughter when you and my #2 son were in 4 year preschool together just YESTERDAY wasn't it!!?
Thanks for letting her come!