Thursday, June 19, 2008

Traveling companions to Alaska

The Florida travelers.

The ladies at the pre-cruise party.
The men at the pre-cruise party.

Our land tour group the night before heading home.

Co-worker, tour director, long time friend and husband.

Some of our bestest friends.
Baby it's cold outside and yes, we did go out looking like this....several times.

Donkey Boy!
Donkey Boy w/ Mom.
Donkey Boy tied to Dad so he wouldn't get lost.

Relaxing on the balcony----where is your coat??

Freezing on the balcony....two sisters.
Do you remember the show "F-Troop"?
Indiana Jones??
Papa and PawPaw together.
Three amigos.....or is it Larry, Moe and Curly?
Getting ready to go shopping!!

It's Nana on the balcony.

Our vacation group on the cruise part consisted of 11 cabins and 23 people. Before the cruise the local group got together for a pre-cruise party to get to know each other a little better. Seven of us work together in a local elementary school. Others are related by blood, seven were husbands, a daughter, sisters, some were "in-laws", several close friends and one middle-schooler (aka: Donkey Boy). We met in Vancouver from California, Florida and Georgia.

The land tour group was half the size. Three co-workers, husbands, one Donkey Boy, and two assorted "in-law" couples....let's see, that makes 11 I think. It was a great trip...and amazing. We ate together when we could, toured together when we wanted to and went our separate ways at times. And everyone got along...didn't we??

So, the pictures are of some of our traveling companions.

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Burt & Kim Streater said...

Hey Teresa,
Your blog is FANTASTIC! I'm so glad your trip went well. Thanks for sharing. I now want to go to Alaska.