Monday, June 30, 2008

Granddaughter Visit

Grasshopper and July Fly enjoy the shower.
(Yes, I decided to give them nature blog names to go with their cousins.)

Drying off and waiting for PJ's.

Yes, they brushed their teeth. Well, sort of.

They picked out a couple of books from our afternoon library visit.

We're all snuggled up ready to read together.
And what good visit with a grandkid isn't complete unless they bring one of the granddogs. Here's about 8 month old Piper who loves her Granny too.

A great way to spend part of summer vacation from school and work is a visit from some of the granddaughters. Two were dropped off this morning for a couple of days before we meet up with their parents at the lake for the 4th of July. This is their second visit this summer since they came home with us for almost a week after Memorial Day weekend at the lake at the beginning of the summer. I hope that they will have good memories of the time with their Granny as I do of spending weeks in the summer with my Granny. My Granny always seemed so old to me but counting up our ages makes me realize that when she was my age she only had two grandgrandchildren and was only two years older than me now when I was born. She had 11 grandchildren from 4 of her 8 children. I have 6 grandchildren born from 2 of my children. Wonder if I'll catch up? Just kidding!!!

Four of my granddaughters have blog names already. Princess Flower, Butterfly, Lady Bug and Dragonfly. I don't think the two visiting have blog names....I'll have to check or make up some. Ok, I'm going to make up some....hum....MoRo and Dabby Do I think are what they are affectionately called at times. Of course, we could continue the nature theme. How about July Fly and Grasshopper. I'll probably get slammed for this but I'm going along with the bug theme.

Pictures are of July Fly (almost 4) and Grasshopper (almost 2) getting cleaned up this evening after our fun afternoon together and ready to read some of the books we picked out at the library today.

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Life throws you surprises! said...

I gave them names on my blog....bumblebee and are just going to confused them :)