Monday, April 6, 2009

Camping on our Property.....Big Mistake!

All the recent rain we've had made a mess of the front part of our driveway. Unfortunately, we couldn't tell before Buddy turned in with our heavy RV. Here are pictures of "the next morning". Trust me, they look great compared to what the coach looked like BEFORE the wrecker got there. I was afraid to go in to get my camera while it was tilted so far to the right. I borrowed this one from our friends next door who put us up for the night....even Tug! That is true friendship for you!

When Buddy got to our property on Friday evening about 9:30pm it was dark and I pulled into the drive in front of him. He made the turn as I watched him in the rear view mirror. I was so shocked to see him begin to tilt over....I thought any second that it would straighten up as he pulled on further up the drive. I finally realized that he wasn't moving anymore. There wasn't going to be any "straightening up". Then I began to be afraid that it was actually going to fall all the way over with Buddy, Trainman and Tug inside.

All of these pictures were made the next morning. I wish we could have gotten some pictures of it before the wrecker was able to pull it over and back onto the driveway. But, it was too dark when it happened that night and I didn't get a camera until after the wrecker had already started working.

You can see my truck which ended up being blocked by the RV. I drove on up to the clearing (where we had planned to camp) and turned around. But there was no getting out that night.

The wrecker here has the cables hooked to the hitch ball from our truck which Buddy put in the hitch receiver in the RV. They put the ball in upside down to help it hold better. Believe it or not, that tow bar was the only casulty of the whole bent from all the weight.

This is the tow truck that pulled us out. He used two tow lines that pulled 12,000 lbs. each to ease the weight off the back wheels and then slide the coach to the left and back onto the driveway.

Next with Buddy backing up the coach, he pulled him out!

And then we went to the RV park where we've stayed before!
The excitement never ends!

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