Thursday, January 29, 2009

Newest Granddaughter Pictures!!

G.O. is finally here! She weighed in at 5lb. 8oz. and is 17 inches long.
Almost exactly what her Daddy weighed. He was 5lb. 9oz. and was 18 inches long. I just can't remember him being that tiny.
Here's how tiny her foot is in her Daddy's hand.
Daddy with his hand on her head.They had her wrapped up in two blankets with heat lamps. She was toasty warm.

Just precious!

Sleeping's hard to believe it when they say she's got quite a set of lungs.
I'm finally getting to see her. She wasn't too impressed and slept away through the whole visit.

Tonight I got to meet my newest granddaughter.
I had to scrub up first and put on a gown. Her daddy showed me how to do everything.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures....She is absolutely beautiful.
I've got to say what my sweet Mother said each time she got to see one of the granddaughters for the first time, "This one is the cutest one yet."

We're very thankful for her safe arrival and that she and her Mother are doing so well.

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