Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pictures from the Lake Weekend

The weather was perfect for a cruise in the paddle boat.

Gigi catching a "fish".

Gigi keeping track of all the kids on the boat.

Papa with his only granddaughter. Who looks the happiest??

Papa and Dabby Do watching football together. When I came to bed they were both snuggled up sound asleep.

Have you EVER seen such a pot of grits!!? LG evidently forgot his glasses and couldn't read the directions or he thought he was helping out cooking for the brotherhood at Church. Needless to say, we didn't eat them all.

Fishing off the boardwalk was a hit with the kids. Everyone wore their life jackets and no one fell in.....and no fish were actually caught or hurt while making these pictures. These were really kiddy fishing poles with little plastic fish tied on the ends. You'd have thought they'd hooked Moby Dick the kids got so excited every time they reeled one in.

Gigi and Mino Twin 2

Dabby Do casting out her line.

What could be more fun than fishing off the dock??

The weather on Sunday made for a great end of the season boatride.

LG giving Tadpole a hug.

Buddy giving driving lessons. She looks like a natural!!

Dabby Do wasn't interested in driving the boat this fact

she was just about to fall asleep. Boats make for good naps.

Buddy giving Tadpole a driving lesson. He was serious about it too.

Buddy's nephew came by on his motorcycle. That was a BIG hit will the little fry.

Tadpole was determined to reach the handle bars!!

I can't believe that I forgot that I had more pictures from our lake visit. We had such a good time together as friends and enjoying our grandchildren together. So, here's the rest of the best from last weekend.


Rachel said...

I love these!!! Can you please send me the ones of Grace with my parents?!!!

Wish You Were Here said...

Hey Rachel,

I love the pictures too. Especially the one with her and your Dad...well, then the ones with her and your Mom too. We really did have a good time.
I'll attempt to save them to a disk. Thanks again for sharing her with us for the weekend. Can't wait for summer!!

Noah said...

Great pics! i wish i was able to make it =/ whered the name "tadpole" come from/